6 inch Tire Dressing Applicator

6 inch Tire Dressing Applicator

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6 inch Tire Dressing Applicator

Customers can apply Ding King’s Tire Dressing (PN: 245) onto the 6 inch Tire Dressing Applicator, made from high quality microfiber.

The hex face design of our foam pads allows for efficient application of compound and polish. It also minimizes grabbing and dissipates heat faster than traditional designs. The open-cell, poly-ester material used in our foam polishing/finishing pads results in a softer pad. This keeps surface temperatures to a minimum.

The Ding King provides state-of-the-art technologies in our buffing pads. All of our pads utilize a centering ring design. As a result, this helps achieve vibration-free buffing resulting in less fatigue and better results. Because of our 100% 4-ply wool, to closed and open cell foam technology, The Ding King provides cutting and polishing pads to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, no matter what the job demands.

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