29 pc. Pro-Tech PDR Tool Set with 12v LED Light, Glue Pullers & PDR Accessories


29 pc. Pro-Tech PDR Tool Set

This 29 pc. Pro-Tech PDR Tool Set includes a variety of the most popular 29 PDR tools we make for removing door dings, hail damage, creased dents and larger damage in braced as well as unbraced areas of cars and trucks.

Tool #Diameter x LengthTipPrice
R-15/16” x 15”45° / Bullet$60
R-47/16” x 25”90° / Tri-Pick$95
R-91/2” x 37”45° / Bullet$95
R-113/8” x 21”45° / Bullet$70
R-123/8” x 19”90° / Bullet$70
SS-11/8” x 27”45° / Shaved$70
SS-21/8” x 17”45° / Right Bend$70
SS-81/8” x 11”45° / Dbl. Right Bend$70
SS-111/8” x 9”45° / Left Bend$70
WT-21/4” x 16”45° / Shaved Left Bend$75
WT-55/16” x 30”Blade$85
WT-81/4” x 16”45° / Shaved Right Bend$75
WT-91/4” x 11”45° / Shaved Left Bend$70
HT-11/4” x 5 1/2”Flat Tip$45
HT-21/4” x 3 1/2”Flat Tip$45
HT-31/4” x 2 1/2”Flat Tip$45
HT-73/16” X 9”45° / Blade Right Bend$50
HT-83/16” X 9”45° / Blade Left Bend$50
BT-21/4” x 15”Flat Tip$50
BT-31/4” x 5”Flat Tip$50
BT-41/4” x 3 1/2”Flat Tip$50
BT-51/4” x 2”Flat Tip$50
PG-13/16” X 9”45° / Blade Left Bend$50
PG-23/16” X 9”45° / Blade Right Bend$50
PG-33/16” X 17”45° / Shaved Right Bend$50
PG-43/16” X 17”45° / Shaved Left Bend$50
T-23/16” x 25”90° / Shaved$55
T-31/4” x 15”45° / Shaved$55
FB-11 1/4” x 20”Bendable Blunt$80

12v LED Light, Glue Pullers & PDR Accessories

This PDR accessories package complements all of our tool sets and includes a well-rounded selection of PDR accessories, as well as 3 different glue pullers including our slide hammer, dent lifter and t-puller and comes complete with glue pulling accessories and the highest quality 12v LED dent light in the industry.

1Dent Bag
1Panel Lever
1Uni-bit Cutter
1Window Wedge
1Window Protector
2Hood Props
1Door Jammer
1Alum. Dent Hammer
1Clip Remover
1Glue Cutting Spatula
4Assorted Tap Downs
40Assorted Tip Sleeves
100Assorted Dent Plugs
1DK T-Shirt
12Assorted Glue Pulling Tabs
112v Glue Gun
1T-Pull Glue Puller
1Dent Lifter Glue Puller
1Slide Hammer Glue Puller
112v LED Portable Dent Light
1PDR Reference Manual