29 pc. Pro-Tech Set


29 pc. Pro-Tech Set

This 29 pc. Pro-Tech Set includes a variety of the most popular 29 PDR tools we make for removing door dings, hail damage, creased dents and larger damage in braced as well as unbraced areas of cars and trucks. Tweakers, Rods, Super Skinnies,  Window Tools and Hand Tools Bonus Tools for hail damage,

Tool #Diameter x LengthTipPrice
R-15/16” x 15”45° / Bullet$60
R-47/16” x 25”90° / Tri-Pick$95
R-91/2” x 37”45° / Bullet$95
R-113/8” x 21”45° / Bullet$70
R-123/8” x 19”90° / Bullet$70
SS-11/8” x 27”45° / Shaved$70
SS-21/8” x 17”45° / Right Bend$70
SS-81/8” x 11”45° / Dbl. Right Bend$70
SS-111/8” x 9”45° / Left Bend$70
WT-21/4” x 16”45° / Shaved Left Bend$75
WT-55/16” x 30”Blade$85
WT-81/4” x 16”45° / Shaved Right Bend$75
WT-91/4” x 11”45° / Shaved Left Bend$70
HT-11/4” x 5 1/2”Flat Tip$45
HT-21/4” x 3 1/2”Flat Tip$45
HT-31/4” x 2 1/2”Flat Tip$45
HT-73/16” X 9”45° / Blade Right Bend$50
HT-83/16” X 9”45° / Blade Left Bend$50
BT-21/4” x 15”Flat Tip$50
BT-31/4” x 5”Flat Tip$50
BT-41/4” x 3 1/2”Flat Tip$50
BT-51/4” x 2”Flat Tip$50
PG-13/16” X 9”45° / Blade Left Bend$50
PG-23/16” X 9”45° / Blade Right Bend$50
PG-33/16” X 17”45° / Shaved Right Bend$50
PG-43/16” X 17”45° / Shaved Left Bend$50
T-23/16” x 25”90° / Shaved$55
T-31/4” x 15”45° / Shaved$55
FB-11 1/4” x 20”Bendable Blunt$80

Often imitated, Ding King PDR Tools are unique in that they are proudly made in the USA and guaranteed for life. They are made from 17/4 and 303 stainless steel and are super strong and equally important highly functional.

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Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a relatively new and innovative process. In addition, PDR is used for the removal of minor dents, dings and hail damage from automobiles and trucks. PDR saves time and money over conventional paint and body repair. Paintless Dent Repair is also very convenient for the automotive owner with repairs taking only minutes or hours compared to days and weeks with filling, sanding and repainting.

More About Our PDR Tools

  • Made from 17-4 Stainless steel and properly heat treated.
  • They also feature 11 uniquely shaped tips.
  • Each PDR tool is precision ground or CNC turned.
  • They are also ergonomically designed for ease of use.
  • Color coordinated PDR Tools with poly grip baked handles.
  • PDR tools from The Ding King are corrosion resistant.
  • Another feature is that they allow you to access to all panels on every vehicle.
  • Finally, all paintless dent repair tools Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.