04 pc. Intro Set


4 pc. Intro Set

This 4 pc. Intro Set of PDR tools were selected for those that are looking for an introduction to Paintless Dent Repair. If you are looking to remove dents from your own car or work on a car from time to time, this is an affordable option for someone just exploring PDR. Be sure to check out a glue puller, dent light and some common accessories to complement this tool set.

Tool #Diameter x LengthTipPrice
R-47/16” x 25”90° / Tri-Pick$95
SS-11/8” x 27”45° / Shaved$70
WT-65/16” x 22”Blade$75
WT-81/4” x 16”45° / Shaved Right Bend$75

4 pc. Intro Set

We also have larger sets for those looking to get more serious about starting a Paintless Dent Repair business. If you’re new to PDR and/or would like to learn about the craft, don’t forget The Ding King is the only certified Training Institute.