08 pc. Intermediate Set


8 pc. Intermediate Set

This 8 pc. Intermediate Set will allow limited access to most areas of the car. It’s an an excellent choice for a shop or individual looking to work on a car from time to time. We highly recommend adding a dent light, glue puller and some basic PDR accessories to help make your job easier.

Tool #Diameter x LengthTipPrice
R-47/16” x 25”90° / Tri-Pick$95
SS-11/8” x 27”45° / Shaved$70
WT-65/16” x 22”Blade$75
WT-81/4” x 16”45° / Shaved Right Bend$75
R-15/16” x 15”45° / Bullet$60
HT-21/4” x 3 1/2”Flat Tip$45
HT-73/16” X 9”45° / Blade Right Bend$50
BT-51/4” x 2”Flat Tip$50

8 pc. Intermediate Set

We also have larger sets for those looking to get more serious about starting a Paintless Dent Repair business. If you’re new to PDR and/or would like to learn about the craft, don’t forget The Ding King is the only certified Training Institute.